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How A.I. is changing the way we travel [Tech startup]

Search by image to find the perfect hotel room faster and easier

Imagine you can search for hotel rooms by how they look or if they have a great view, or a canopy bed, or…
That would totally disrupt the way we do it now: first figure out what you want to do where and when, and then see if you can find a hotel there. A tedious affair.. Why not turn this around and start with: I want a beach view and an outdoor bathroom, and take it from there? That would make it a pleasant experience. N
ow there finally is a way to do this: is a new way to find the perfect matching hotel room, extremely fast and easy. You can search for typical hotel experiences like a rooftop bar or a view on the beach or a spacious room, with a canopy bed and much more. Even a yellow room if you prefer.

Automation by artificial intelligence
The platform uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed with the University of Amsterdam. So it’s all based on objective data which means no more hotel owners trying to sell you boring rooms for your romantic getaway, or cramped up cots with blind walls for spacious rooms with an amazing city view.

The initiative is from two Dutch guys called Marcel Ruijken and Marc Vekemans. They got the idea thinking: What if I want a yellow hotel room in the middle of New York City? Obviously impossible to find unless you take months to look at every single hotel. “To be honest, we were looking for a view on the beach, but you get the point.” says Marcel Ruijken. “We wanted to be able to search for a visual experience: a yellow room, a rooftop pool or a huge suite”. And just like that the idea was born: search by image.

Solve the problem where the customer begins: in the search
While every OTA or hotel focusses on the transaction phase, is one of the few to focus on the orientation and selection phase. This is a piece of the journey currently only serviced by Tripadvisor or Youtube. The idea is briljant: Solve the problem where the customer begins: in the search. Why search for a hotel by destination if you still have no idea where to go, but you probably know exactly what experience you want?

“I think there are more people with an open intent than people that know exactly where to go on holiday”, says Marc Vekemans. “Of course price is a factor in every stage, so we will add a meta-proposition, but we think we can really inspire people by showing experiences to choose from, or combining them. The trick is to find the right experiences and we will soon enable uploading a picture or connecting to a facebook profile. Then the fun really starts. Meanwhile we still need to learn a lot from our customers’ behaviour. Currently we are beta testing on We just started and we will continue collaborating with the UvA and develop and add new algorithms. We are open to investors and anyone with has ideas for improvement is invited to join the project. Just visit the site and sign up”.

The technology is developed with the University of Amsterdam, uses artificial intelligent algorithms to extract intelligent information about what is happening in the images and text and create visual and textual insights in “holiday experiences”. We custom trained image classifiers like Rooftop bar, Romantic dinner on the beach, Kids family and fun and more, together with the University of Amsterdam. Besides that we have 4000 travel related image detectors, and developing more as we speak. Text algorithms are used to extract sentiment out of reviews and match it on sentiment in images. That makes this new kid on the block the specialist on visual analysis and customer experience for Travel.

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