Amazon down? Then so is your Trello, Mashable and other sites


If you are a techie like we are, chances are you find yourself regularly at great sites like Mashable and you know which tools to use, so Trello is your best friend for organising processes. Well, good for you hipster-geek, but today is not your best day: It somehow didn’t break the internet, but these and other big sites and services are being hosted by Amazon Web Services and for the first time in a long while Amazon is down..

Seriously, If you’re a webmaster from Giphy, Business Insider or Quora (another of our favourite hangouts) then you must be pulling your hairs out right now.

At the time of this writing it was going on for 14 hours. And though the last news is that the source is known, it has been quiet for a while:

That makes you wonder.. Why in the first place did you choose for Amazon? Because it was a massive machine? And how easy would it be to fix a massive machine? Companies have been steadily moving storage to the cloud because it is cheaper, but the downside is that when there are problems, there’s a cascade effect.

Amazon says it is “actively working on remediating the issue”. Let’s hope so, because it’s causing a lot of trouble on the internet.

You know what’s funny? It was also AWS day in Edinburgh, where company employees where presenting the value of the platform. They call it AWSome. Yes, must have been a awesome to present a system that was down. I feel sorry for those guys 🙂

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