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These Researchers Are Using AI and Bitcoin to Save Lives

A team of researchers at the University of California created a tool that uses artificial intelligence and bitcoin to track down people involved in human trafficking, who are usually hard to identify.


Sex trafficking is a serious issue, and it’s made all the more difficult to stop due to the challenging of identifying its victims and perpetrators. However, a new tool that combines artificial intelligence (AI) and bitcoin may help us to end this illegal practice.

Developed by PhD Candidate Rebecca Portnoff and her team at the University of California, the tool uses machine learning to sift through thousands upon thousands of online sex ads in order to identify patterns that can help investigators.

The digital currency bitcoin is the most common form of payment used by sex traffickers on Backpage, a website largely associated with sex trafficking. In 2015, credit card companies began preventing people from using credit/debit cards on the site, forcing people to use bitcoin. The AI uses publicly available information through the cryptocurrency’s blockchain to determine who the purchasers are.

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