The world is going to end – thank god for science! 

The world is ending on September 23, according to a biblical prophecy. [UPDATE: it didn’t :)]

The earth will not completely perish, but the world will no longer be the same as we know it. That’s what Christian numerologist David Meade says to The Washington Post. On the basis of figures from the Bible, he calculated that next Saturday will be the end of the times.

Theories about the destruction of the earth are almost as old as humanity, which does not get enough to pull another doom scenario out of the closet. Never before has a predecessor been right in this area, but every time someone again dives, knowing that it’s “finally” so far.


Meade bases his theory on the number 33 that plays a prominent role in the Bible. “It is the age at which Jesus died and the name Elohim – God with the Jews – is mentioned in the Bible 33 times”, he underlines his prediction in The Washington Post. On September 23, it was 33 days ago that there was a solar eclipse in the United States. A clear sign, according to Meade.

Nevertheless, Meade sticks to the story because he believes that the Apocalypse of the Bible is now becoming reality. It states that the end of times will come when a woman appears in heaven dressed with the sun, with the moon under her feet and a twelve-star crown on her head.

The American numerologist explains that we are dealing with exactly that situation on Saturday. The zodiac sign Virgo (the woman) has the sun behind it and a position above the moon and below the nine stars of the constellation Lion and the three planets Mars, Venus and Mercury (twelve stars in total). Jupiter will move through the constellation of Virgo and come out, as at birth


NASA scientist David Morrison fails Meade’s prediction by pointing out that the planet Nibiru should be visible if it were already destroying on Earth. “The planet should have crossed the Mars course. And if it is true that he passes the 3,600 years, that should have had an effect on our solar system. A celestial body with such a mass would have influenced the paths of the other planets with its gravity. By the way, it is very strange that the object would not hold a stable course but would fly around randomly. ”

Meade does not have support from the Christian community either. In fact, preacher Ed Stetzer laughs about his theory. “Numbers are intended symbolically in the Bible, but not for predictions. I believe that Jesus ever returns to earth to put things in order. But only he knows what date it will take place.”

Well, good thing we believe in science!

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